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McBain McCartin & Co partner with HR consultants from to assist in managing the HR risk that small and medium sized businesses encounter when managing their staff. This relationship enables Online HR to offer clients the ‘total package’, to assist in resolving staff issues by providing:

  • Peace of mind that your business is compliant with the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards,
  • Freedom for you to work on your business, not in it; and
  • Confidence that you have the right people in the right roles, all heading in the same direction.

The team at Online HR is led by Directors Jessica Lancashire (B.SSc (Psych & HRM), MHRM, CAHRI) and Kathryne Wall (B.Com (HRM & Soc), B.ApSci, GradDipBus, CAHRI) who have over 15 years experience and training. Their experience covers a range of different industries from manufacturing, engineering, professional consulting & services, financial planning and accounting firms, sales and distribution both at the local, national and international levels.
Our passion is to:

  • Offer HR support and tools to protect SME’s,
  • Ensure legal obligations are met when it comes to employing and managing staff, and
  • Help businesses succeed and see their people grow,

All without the huge expense of an in-house consultant or manager.


We offer;

  • A tailored HR System that is easy to use, online and practical, includes policies, procedures and employee forms that are legislatively compliant and reflect best practice, and
  • General HR consultation in regards to staff and management, training and coaching, grievance & performance management issues, lawful termination, resource planning and a range of other HR issues.

HR, Managed by us – compliant for you

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